Insurance Coverage

natural choice clinic of Arizona accepts insurance

Payments for services are due at the time services are rendered, including products labs that are not specifically covered by insurance.

Your insurance plan will probably not list Naturopathic Physicians as providers, but reimbursement is usually possible. Nauturopathic physicians are not generally covered by PPO plans as Out-of-Network physicians – it is the responsibility of the patient to get preauthorization for PPO plans if they wish for reimbursement.

As a service to patients, The Natural Choice Family Health Clinic will submit billing claims for reimbursement for any insurance company at the request of the patient. Submission of a claim for reimbursement does not guarantee reimbursement and is subject to the health plan benefits of each patient.

We care about our patients and so if your insurance company denies you coverage we will be happy to help you in anyway possible. We can offer payment plans for services offered at the discretion of the physician.

Please feel free to contact The Natural Choice Family Health Clinic with any questions regarding coverage.